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Kids Robotics


STEM learning was conceptualized with an aim to empower  children in India with the basic concepts of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We believe that every Indian child, irrespective of class and social background, deserves access to high-quality science education.Makxenia edutech is a sector where they can have a meaningful impact, thus giving back to the community and the Nation. By partnering with like-minded corporates, STEM Learning provides quality science education to students in the remotest corners of India.Thus, we implement the long-term vision, mission, and values of the corporates, along with fulfilling our aim to make a significant difference. 


Engineering Training

Makxenia conducts training programs on various engineering courses like IOT, Basic robotics & embedded system,Machine Learning,Raspberry Pi based robotic,Arduino & Robotics.We provide workshops and training programs to enable our students to design their own embedded products.

The training programs are conducted in a manner to instill in our students the ability to solve any technical problem while meeting all the current industrial requirements.