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What We Do

Aimed towards the enhancement of the robotics and embedded systems sector in India,

We design and manufacture the best equipment and kits necessary for our students to receive hands-on practical experience in the field.

we provide workshops and training programs to enable our students to design their own embedded products.The training programs are conducted in a manner to instill in our students the ability to solve any technical problem while meeting all the current industrial requirements. 

We offer innovative solutions to all of our clients, with our design team working round the clock to provide our clients with the products they are looking for. 

Our Vision

To be a forerunner of innovation and technical development in India.

Our Mission

To offer the best advanced technical products to our clients, and enhance the robotics sector in India through our training programs.

Meet the Team

Diksha Khare

Co-founder and CEO

Manish Maurya

Co-founder and CTO 

Rajiv Yadav

Application and Design Engineer

Neha Bagde

Embedded Engineer

Piyush Sonbarse

Operations Incharge